Commodity markets tend to be very active, with prices that can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as output from wells, global economic developments and technology advancements.
One of the most traded commodities, crude oil offers profit opportunities regardless of market conditions.

Its price is affected by worldwide output as well as global economic prosperity, and the right conditions can create powerful upwards or downwards trends. Swissquote offers Forward contracts on both UK Crude Oil (Brent) and US Crude Oil (WTI).
Natural gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, is becoming a viable future fuel alternative thanks to steady technological improvements.

Mainly used for heating, its price is cyclical, with demand at its highest during the winter and summer months, and can be influenced by weather conditions.
Copper is an essential commodity thanks to its high conductivity and versatility. Its main applications are in electrical wire, construction materials and industrial machinery.

As a core component of urban modernization, demand from developing countries will steadily increase, while supplies are limited and may be depleted in as little as 25 years.


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